Medterra CBD vs. Holland and Barrett

Jay Hartenbach

by Jay Hartenbach

November 17, 2020

We’ve said this before, but we’ll say it again: not all CBD is created equal.

Just as both grass-fed sirloins and McDonald’s hamburgers come from cows, both low quality and super high-quality CBD can come from the humble hemp plant. Suffice to say that the way natural products — including hemp products — are actually produced can make their quality radically different.

Let’s now get a little more specific, and compare the quality of two major UK brands: yours truly, and Holland and Barrett.

Medterra CBD vs. Holland and Barrett

Before really getting started with the comparison, though, there’s something you should realize about Holland and Barrett …they don’t actually specialize in CBD.

No, Holland and Barrett carries an incredibly diverse — mind-boggling, even — variety of health and wellness products. Chances are they have more than a few products that would match your lifestyle, even if you’re vegan or keto or carnivore or pregnant.

Where Holland and Barrett’s CBD Comes From

Most of Holland and Barrett’s CBD comes from a brand called Jacob Hooy, though options from “Holistic Herbs” and an in-house product line are also available. All in all there are colours and flavours available for practically any CBD enthusiast.

But is all this diversity actually a good thing? With all these featured brands, how can Holland and Barrett really oversee product quality?

We’re not so sure they can — especially considering that none of their brands are certified organic.

Another thing we aren’t a huge fan of: the confusing product strengths. Jacob Hooy’s CBD doesn’t have its CBD content listed per bottle or even per-dropper; instead they just list a percentage (i.e., 5%) and expect consumers to figure out the rest.

Here’s to hoping the entire CBD industry adopts more consumer-friendly labeling in the future!

Holland and Barrett CBD: The Pros

All this said, Holland and Barrett’s CBD offerings do have a few strong points. For one, they’re fighting the good fight by providing huge numbers of people with CBD! That’s a win in our book — any CBD is better than none. Other positives include:

Very affordable products
Lots of products & brands

Where Holland and Barret Could Improve

If we could offer Holland and Barrett some advice (perhaps they’ll read this article?), it’d be this:

Provide your customers with an organic option, a brand they can fully trust!

There’d be many upsides to such an option, if you think about it…and few (if any) downsides. And if you think the cost of organic CBD would be prohibitive, think again! Our certified-organic CBD is priced well under industry standards. Even if it wasn’t, however, your health would be worth it.

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