CBD Brothers vs. Medterra – Which Is The Better CBD?

Jay Hartenbach

by Jay Hartenbach

November 17, 2020

Have you ever heard of the CBD brand “CBD Brothers”?

If not, their story is pretty intriguing. Produced by a UK-based brand called The Original Alternative, CBD Brothers produces small batches of artisanal-quality CBD. This article will be taking an objective look at why the brand may — or may not — be right for you.

CBD Brothers: The Pros

Unlike a whole host of brands that are only in it for the flashy business models and potential profits, the CBD Brothers seem to be truly passionate about providing premium CBD to their customers.

And that means they’re doing a whole lot of good! Here are some things we like about the brand:

– Personal passion for CBD
– Extensive product testing
– Impressive product variety
– Incl. Sativa and Indica products
– Incl. educational products
– Incl. vegan products
– Incl. essential oils

Perhaps the coolest thing of all? The Original Alternatives retail shops come close to re-enacting the cannabis compounding pharmacies of years past, with “registered Medical Herbalists onsite that are able to provide consultations and custom medicines that are hand made to match your needs.” If you have special health requirements — or even just require more CBD than the average person — visiting one of their shops could be the option for you.

CBD Brothers: The Cons

Despite their dedication to natural solutions, CBD Brothers isn’t certified organic. Nor is their pricing especially great; many lower-strength products hover around 10 cents per milligram, which is simply too expensive for some people. Others downsides include:

– The use of hempseed oil (as opposed to more stable MCT oil) as carrier oil
– Confusing labeling standards
– Where CBD Brothers Could Improve
– Based on their website, at least, the CBD Brothers seem to be doing a lot of things right.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have suggestions. For a brand as health-conscious as they are, why not go certified-organic? The CBD industry is so saturated these days that talk has become cheap — it’s one thing to talk about being all-natural, and another entirely to prove it. Their labeling and website could both be a little more user-friendly, too. We had a hard time locating the certificates of analysis for their products.

Finally, we feel that the CBD Brothers’ pricing could use some improvement. CBD should be accessible to everyone, after all! Offering some high-volume products or product bundles could be a way to fix that.

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