What is CBD Isolate?

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Have you heard of CBD isolate? When researching and shopping for CBD, there are many options to have to go through before deciding on what to purchase. Once someone has narrowed down an idea of companies to work with, or types of goods that they may want to try, there is still more to understand on what type of CBD the bottle contains. Sometimes the verbiage adds to the confusion. Just what all is in there?

When reading the label, it can feel even more confusing. That label will have all manner of information on it. Not just strengths and brand names, but types and categories of CBD, too. The three most common types of CBD descriptors that are viewed on the front labels are: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate.

At Medterra, all of our products are made using isolated CBD.


But, what exactly is “CBD isolate”?

“Isolated CBD” or “CBD Isolate” is just as the name implies. The CBD element has been extracted from the hemp plant so that it is just the most concentrated, unadulterated version of this magnificent natural compound. Once pulled from hemp, what is revealed is a colorless, odorless crystalline powder substance that can be mixed into many carriers (oils, capsules, lotions) for usage and consumption. 

Isolated CBD products are different from other hemp-based CBD products you may find on the market in that they are made with just the CBD and nothing else that is found in the plant.

“Full Spectrum” CBD products will have the CBD as well as the terpenes (other “flavoring” cannabinoids) and the THC (.3%) that is naturally found in the industrial hemp plant. In “Broad Spectrum” CBD products, the scant amount of THC has been removed, leaving behind only the CBD and the Terpenes. 

When the Hemp Farming Act was enacted in 2018, hemp was removed from the list of controlled substances and it was officially declared an agricultural commodity. As a recognized agricultural commodity, Hemp is now farmed throughout the country and its natural compounds are able to be used and consumed throughout the country. At Medterra, our hemp is grown and harvested in Kentucky – right here in the U.S.A.

Once the hemp is harvested, the CBD is pulled using a C02 based process. C02 extraction is a procedure that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired phytocannabinoid from the plant that it grew in. This method is among the safest methods for compound extraction, ensuring that our isolated CBD has been retrieved with the end user in mind.

Products that have been made using isolated CBD are highly sought after because they’re made with the most concentrated form of CBD. Another reason for their high popularity is the desire of most to enjoy the potential benefits without fearing the psychoactive ingredient: THC. Hemp, naturally, carries a miniscule, non-psychoactive amount of THC in it. While that amount is not reaction-inducing, many consumers are not wanting that property in their product. Hence: Isolated CBD.

At Medterra, we have taken the time to create an optimal combination with isolated CBD to create the kind of results that many consumers are looking for. We have blended our American-grown and extracted CBD isolate into multiple well-received and recognized wellness goods for you and yours to enjoy. Many consumers have found their own joy in CBD with Medterra. You can read their real reviews, here.

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