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There’s Some Crazy Stuff Out There

There is no mystery that CBD is hot right now - and for a good reason! A quick search online will turn up all sorts of CBD products, from tinctures and capsules to even things like CBD infused pillows, workout clothes, and dental floss!  

But with all of these options floating around, you may be starting to wonder which ones are worth trying. And if you’ve been duped by a visually appealing CBD product that didn’t actually do anything, you may be wondering if any CBD is worth trying. 

To help you find safe, effective CBD products that actually work, we put together an easy to follow guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of CBD

Do: Choose products from certified hemp farms

CBD, like the food we eat, is grown commercially. And just like the food we eat, rigorous safety and quality standards are paramount to ensuring that your CBD is safe. Look for products that are certified – in our case all our products are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. This industry-leading certification holds hemp growers and CBD producers to the highest of standards when it comes to farming, harvesting, manufacturing, and testing.

Don’t: Buy CBD from just anyone

That guy you met at a party with the “totally legit hydroponic setup” in his closet isn’t someone you should be buying tomatoes from, let alone CBD. Also, we’d recommend avoiding any brownies he’s baked! 

Do: Buy rigorously tested CBD products developed with the input of doctors

It’s important to know not just what’s in your CBD, but how much of it is present in each dose. Choose CBD from companies that partner with independent, third-party labs to test their products regularly, and post their most recent testing results and certificates of analysis. And since CBD is used to help with a variety of different problems from stress to discomfort to sleep, look for products developed with the input of doctors who understand these issues. 

Check our medical advisory board here.

Don’t: Buy CBD that stresses out your mother-in-law

Or your dad, your grandma, yourself, or even your next door neighbor. With an untested product you’re never going to be exactly sure what you’re getting. So go for CBD you can share with your loved ones (or neighbors) and destress together. 

Do: Buy CBD that’s available in a wide variety of forms to suit your specific needs

CBD is not one size fits all, and it’s important to be able to try different types and delivery methods to find what works best for you. Whether it’s a carefully-controlled capsule, or tweakable tincture, it’s worth it to take the time to find the ingestion method that’s right for you. And having the option to choose between Isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD allows you to find what works best for your body and your specific needs. 

Don’t: Buy one-off novelty items

One-off CBD novelty items are just that – novelties. Without a viable delivery method,  consistent dosing, and scientifically-verifiable efficacy, you’re basically just flushing money down the drain.

Do: Buy CBD that consistently delivers the amount it says it does

Look for packages with clear labeling that let you know exactly how much is in each serving, and how large a serving size is, and avoid things that make you guess. Using a consistent dosage allows you to experiment to find out exactly how much CBD works best for your body. Having different strengths available can be good for helping with different issues – the amount you need to destress could be significantly less than what you need to fall asleep. 

Don’t: Buy CBD made by some guy in his garage

This one feels like it should be obvious, but some just can’t resist an “entrepreneur.” Like our van-dwelling friend from earlier, no matter how convincing your cousin’s friend’s Facebook friend is, a home-brewed CBD is never going to be consistently dosed and safe to use. 

The CBDo’s and Don’ts

CBDo: be careful! Only buy safe, trusted CBD that’s been certified and tested, doctor approved, and is available in a variety of strengths and ingestion methods. 

CBDon’t: use unverified, unreliable, unsafe CBD! It’s honestly easier than you’d think. Just follow this guide and be wary of products that don’t live up your highest standards.