New line of Topical Creams from Medterra 

Evidence based

At Medterra we care about continuous innovation. Sometimes this bet leads us to improve existing products… while other times it leads us to create new ones. 

In that sense, today we are very happy to announce to our consumers in Spain that we have a new line of Topical Creams made with our premium CBD available for them to purchase! 

This new line will focus specifically on skincare. With this three CBD products formulated for three different conditions - acne, eczema and psoriasis -  we believe that you will find something that is right for you.  Read on to learn more about these products!

Protective Face Cream for Acne

Acne is a very common skin condition characterized by the eruption of pimples, bumps and breakouts. Acne is believed to be caused by a build-up of sebum oil within the outer layers of the skin. Pimples or blackheads are actually the skin’s reaction to the root of the problem.

Research shows that CBD can address these root causes. Research from 2017 showed that CBD had unique anti-inflammatory properties. And in turn, it can work on a deeper level, helping to regulate sebum oil production within sebocytes, reducing the severity of acne. [1][2] Interestingly, CBD’s effects on sebum oil production work both ways. It can help reduce oil, both in people with oily skin and dry skin.

If you suffer from acne, go ahead and try our Protective Face Cream . It combines colloidal oatmeal, CBD, terpenes, and healthy fats to help keep your face skin pimple-free!

Soothing Relief Cream for Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, better known as eczema, is an itchy, red skin condition. Eczema tends to be long-lasting, alternating between annoying breakouts and better periods. Eczema often goes hand in hand with asthma and/or allergic rhinitis.

While eczema does not have a definitive cure, it is know that different types of treatments can help to fight it. Any substance that works to reduce systemic inflammation can relieve eczema symptoms, especially in the long term.   

CBD can be included within this substances as it can reduce inflammation in dry and irritated skin with a tendency to have eczema. A 2019 study published in Clinical Therapeutics found that a CBD ointment lowered microbe counts in people with staph infections. Why is this so important? Because staph infections often coexist with eczema. [3]

If you are trying to relieve your eczema flare-ups, try our Soothing Relief Cream . This cream is designed to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture and prevent toxins from entering. Its main ingredients include CBD, quercetin, ursolic acid, myricetin, beta-caryophyllene, cajaputi oil and omega 3/6/9. CBD’s antibacterial properties can strengthen your skin’s natural barrier while reducing bacteria or biofilms problems.

Moisturizing Relief Cream for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the oldest and most common skin problems. It has been shown to affect up to 4% of the population… and it is becoming more and more prevalent. Psoriasis generally affects specific areas of the body such as the scalp, elbows, knees and back. 

There is research showing that CBD can be helpful while fighting psoriasis. A recent study found that skin cannabinoids can suppress inflammation and limit the skin cells overgrowth. With this type of regulation it is very possible that psoriatic symptoms are also reduced. [4]

Are you trying to fight your psoriasis breakouts? Then we encourage you to try our Moisturizing Relief Cream . It is made up of CBD, colloidal oatmeal, and other psoriasis fighting ingredients. Our customers say that it helps to keep their skin fresh and soothed throughout the day.

Summing things up

Many people are surprised when they learn for the first time that CBD can be used topically as well. But in reality, topical CBD features one of the most effective delivery methods, at least when it comes to fighting skin problems! 

Medterra’s award-winning Topical Creams take the efficacy of CBD further. They are formulated with some of the most advanced skincare ingredients and are completely free of plasticizers, artificial and syhthetic preservatives. 

If you are ready to break free from common skin problems and get your glow, make topical CBD a part of your skincare routine! 


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