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Medterra Ambassadors

Alana Blanchard

Professional Surfer

Favorite product: 3000mg Tincture
Fun fact: “My real name is spelt "Alanna" but when I was 4 I would only spell it "Alana" so my parents let me keep it that way.”
Bio: Professional surfer, model and new mom, Alana is arguably the most popular female athlete in surf. From designing her own Rip Curl bathing suit line, to competing on the World Tour, to birthing her first son, Alana has done it all. Though an avid world traveler, Alana resides in Kauai with her fiancé and fellow surfer Jack Freestone, and her son Banks. Throughout her life she has built a solid career as a successful brand enabler and highly competitive athlete.

Billy Kemper

Professional Surfer

Favorite product: Good Morning Capsules
Fun fact: “I’m deathly allergic to cats which have made them my biggest fear in life lol”
Bio: Growing up surrounded by surf legends, Billy always knew he would follow in suit, eventually setting out to surf some of the biggest waves in history. Throughout his professional surfing career he’s won countless contests, including the 2017 XXL Ride of the Year, the 2018 Sunset Open and the 2018 WSL Big Wave World Tour.

Charley Hoffman

Professional Golfer

Favorite product: CBD + Melatonin
Fun fact: “I ran out of gas on the way to a PGA TOUR event that I was playing in as an amateur. I made it to the event in time because I got picked up on the side of the road by the first guy that drove by.. it was Phil Mickelson.”
Bio: Charley is known as one of the most consistent golfers on the PGA tour. With 4 PGA Tour wins and 48 top ten finishes, Charley’s secret to success is his approach to tour preparation. Focusing just as equally on mental training as he does physical training, CBD is a crucial part of Charley’s daily regimen. Charley is recognized for his charitable efforts, The Charley Hoffman Foundation. The mission of this charity is raise money and awareness for children's organizations that provide a positive environment to better their future through education, sports, and health.

Chris Burkard

Photographer & Outdoor Enthusiast

Favorite product: CBD Rapid Cooling Roll-On
Fun fact: “I was detained in a Russian jail for 24 hours during my first trip there.”
Bio: Chris Burkard does it all, and his vast and loyal following shows he’s accomplished in everything he sets out to do. Though most well-known for his photography, he is also an influencer, health advocate, artist, author, hiker, biker, explorer, creative director, business owner, public speaker and family man. Chris incorporates Medterra into his daily routine to help with recovery after long rides and overall wellness.

Cory Williams


Favorite product: 3000mg CBD Tincture
Fun fact: “I played football for 11 years.”
Bio: --

Greg Lutzka

Professional Skateboarder

Favorite product: 3000mg Tincture
Fun fact: “From the Mid-west to Southern California, skateboarding and motorcycles, to photography and business I always like to keep life rollin’”
Bio: Greg is most known for his technical skills on a skateboard. His laid-back street league style has won him a number of contests including X-Games, Dew Tour, World Cup and Tampa Pro. On top of his impressive skateboarding career, Greg is also a recognized entrepreneur, photographer and world traveler.

Justin Williams


Favorite product: Good Morning
Fun fact: “I do all of the graphic design for our race team.”
Bio: --

Koa Smith

Professional Surfer

Favorite product: 3000mg Tincture
Fun fact: “My real name is Charles...”
Bio: Based out of Kauai, Hawaii, Koa is a top name in the big wave surf industry and easily the most amusing personality on our team. In addition to his professional surfing career, Koa and his 2 brothers, Alex and Travis, juggle their world traveling vlog called Brother Nature, while also running the well-recognized smoothie and juice shop on the North Shore “The Sunrise Shack”. Koa discovered Medterra while looking for a product to help with recovery after suffering a concussion while surfing in Indonesia.

Lucas Glover

Professional Golfer

Favorite product: Good Morning Capsules
Fun fact: “I like an eclectic mix of music including artists such as Sinatra, Hamilton Soundtrack, and The National”
Bio: Former U.S. Open champion and PGA Tour veteran Lucas Glover has spent 18 years on the Tour. With 6 career wins, 2 Presidents cup bids, and a PGA Grand Slam of Golf 1st place finish, Lucas is a well-recognized name on the PGA Tour. 2019 is known to be his come back season, from winning the US Open in 2009, to losing his PGA tour pro card, to being back on top and at the 2019 US Open, Lucas attributes much of his comeback to his dedication to health & wellness, including the incorporation of CBD in his daily regimen.

Summer Fenton


Favorite product: 750 Rapid Cooling Cream
Fun fact: “I had to take 7 classes on top of competing internationally my last semester to graduate and get my bachelor’s degree on time. I ended up getting a 4.0 that semester too!”
Bio: Jet-setter and snowboarder, Summer travels the globe chasing snowstorms and surf swells. She is the definition of a life-liver and leaves a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes.

Wags N Walks

Adopt, Don’t Shop!
We have partnered with Los Angeles based adoption center Wags & Walks to help them accomplish their goal of decreasing the number of dogs euthanized in local shelters and breaking the stigma of rescue dogs. Adopt today!



The official wellness partner of outdoor brand Burton Snowboards. To Burton, success means maximizing their social impact and minimizing their environmental impact. Their goals for 2020 are structured so that they can’t succeed as business without succeeding at sustainability, working to make the most positive impact possible on everyone around them, a mission we wholeheartedly support.


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Dr. Matthew Halpert

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Dr. Mayank Amin

Dr. Mayank Amin is a well-accomplished, health care and business professional with success in uplifting a multitude of organizations. With an independent pharmacy of his own...

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Dr. Laura Catena

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Dr. Lisa Lippman

Dr. Lisa Lipmann is known as NYC’s premier veterinarian. She is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the United States and is nationally respected by media...

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